Monaco Resources delivers benefits to our stakeholders and wider society.

Our agriculture business adopts a scientific approach to crop selection and farming methods to make the most of natural conditions. By selecting areas with higher rainfall and multiple harvest seasons for example, we are able to cultivate efficiently and reduce our impact on the environment.

Our metals subsidiary focuses on minimising energy consumption. We invest in efficient equipment and technology at our production sites and actively recycle aluminium and copper, reducing wastage and using significantly less energy than primary production methods alone.


We invest into education and health as part of a sustainable business approach. In this way we enhance performance as well as support economic growth opportunities.

Through our subsidiaries we bring benefits to our stakeholders and the communities in which we work. We have funded new schools in the Republic of Guinea, the Republic of Congo and Sierra Leone and support a medical centre in the Republic of Guinea.


We work with national and local governments and encourage good governance.

Through engagement with local stakeholders, we work effectively and safely. By respecting the local environment and conducting ourselves in a manner that will not jeopardise the culture or environment, we build and maintain respected networks.